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This job has been a bit of an escape for me. From my everyday worries, from the rut I got in.  Before i left I said this summer, I will try and find answers to all those questions that keep bothering me.

What do I want to do with my life?

Will I ever find my other half?

What happens after death?

And the more everyday ones…


How will I pay for my school tuition?

How will I keep my car payments, without a job?

Where will I find a job ASAP, and could it please be a job I will actually like?

Will my friends still be my friends, or have they forgotten me? 

And there is more where that came from… My head  keeps getting the better of me. So I have gone deeper. ..


Why are all those questions appearing now?  Am I a failure, or have I been living my life to the full?


When I was 15, I knew what I wanted from my life. I knew where I was supposed to be in OMG almost 10 years, when I’ll be REALLY old. I’ll finish my university, I’ll be happily in love, in a successful relationship, with the job of my dreams.

Now, aged almost 25, I am definitly nowhere near my university diploma, I can’t even imagine being in a relationship again, cannot even remember when I was in love the last time, oh and my dream job? Currently, all I know is what I don’t want to do.


F&B Manager throws boxes of condoms at his employees and tells them: »take those, tomorrow I will fuck you all«.

This is somewhat of a clear picture of how things work around here. I am actually lucky. I do not work in service and I do not have him as a boss. My boss is a guy I cannot decipher. He might be mean, as some people say, others say that he is the kindest person in the whole wide world. The facts as I see them are: he works about 18 hours per day, at least, 7 days a week. He has the misfortune to have a tick that makes him look like a bobble-head doll. Which would be ok, if he weren’t working with people. Andi f I wasn’t starting to pick up on this tick of his. It is impossible to have a converstation with him without mimicking one of his ticks. Now imagine, a professional talk, two men in business suits  in a five star hotel talking, you can see from their body language that it’s really serious, the first one is continually stroking his offspring carriers, the other has a facial tick, that makes him look like he is imitating the tun signal on the car. What’s even worse after about 5 minutes they start taking on each others movements… It’s like watching an episode of Only fools and horses but shot in slow motion. They gather quite a crowd I tell you. It’s better then TV, but then again the TV in this hotel only shows 16 programmes, so everyone needs to find their own forms of entertainment.

Uki what do you think your doing?   »hm checking my emails?«  well.. uki, I am not telling you you should not check them, I am telling you you should not check them on work computers during working hours, using the hotels WiFi….if you’ve read where I currently live, you would know how ridicilous that is.

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let the party begin

Ti kanes?

So, I am a girl, hm…Woman, definitely not a teenager anymore, hm… so.. I am a person. I made the decision to experience a culture shock first hand…. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t expect it to be a culture shock, but of course as I had really high expectations, even higher hopes, while still trying really, really hard not to think of this period as being the time of my life and blahblahblah, all that surreal stuff that we secretly yearn for, even though we would never ever, ever admit it to anyone..yiyks..a bit too late for that now…. Anyways…. Let’s begin with coming down from the airplane…
How can you loose hand luggage on a plan the size of a handkerchief?!?! When we got it half an hour later, I was seething, steam coming from my ears and my sister was stroking my hand in a feeble effort to come me down. All the Greek business man, who missed his connecting flight because of this said was: «welcome to the Balkans! « If I weren’t so idealistic, naive or whatever you might call it, I would have taken this as my cue to get my pretty ass back on the plane and run from this chaotic country…. But let’s face it, it’s easier to make mistakes, and blog about them :S Even after nearly 2 months it still shocks me that people can really move that slowly, that “siga,siga” is a life motto, so please do take into account at least 2 hours for a quick lunch, a day and a half if you wish to get anything done in a bank and no less than a week when you are in a hurry to find or receive something, but can’t get to it without help of some or other official.

Where am I? Greece. That beautiful country, with an insane number of islands, amazing beaches, notorious Greek lovers, where everyone gets wild, crazy, wet and tanned. The country of amazing history, guys who resemble their warrior ancestors and temperamental women with wild hair and a crazy outtake on life. I chose the wrong part of Greece for that, unfortunately. Here, tourists don’t come to party, but to go on a pilgrimage to Mount Athos. The closest thing we get to a club is a beach bar, which is undoubtedly cool, but doesn’t really provide us with the wild parties. Oh and for the hot Stavroses, Yannis’, and Christoses? Sorry to disappoint you, but definitely non –existent. Maybe short, stocky and full of themselves just isn’t my type. But really, how can you take a guy seriously, when he looks like a truck has fallen on them first, backed over them and then Tinkerbell came along with her magic dust to give them special powers. But don’t be worried. They’re not able to fly, turn invisible or walk on water; it’s something even more amazing, they have self-confidence coming out of their ears, and seem to be genuinely shocked if you do not find them simply irresistible.

But honestly, the one thing I find irresistible here are the beaches, with its turquoise water, sandy beaches and the no sharks rule…OK, the last thing has not been confirmed, checked or seriously considered for a moment, but this is what I’ve been told. The water’s supposed to be too hot for them. But just handy-dandy for me. Honestly it is amazing to go in water after a few hours of sunbathing without experiencing the same sensations that are associated with a heart attack. What brings an even bigger smile to my face is that the sea doesn’t seem to be able to form waves and you can float, goof about or swim for miles without the added bonus of water splashing into your ears, eyes and mouth. Will I fall in love with this unorganized country, or won’t I be able to hack it and will book a plane ticket home before the summer heat finishes? Hm…. Honeys, even I have no idea.

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Hello world!

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